LaTeX Beamer Themes

When I was set to present my work recently, I realized that all the themes that Beamer (and the internet) offered, were aesthetically unappealing. I decided to get into the details of editing Beamer theme files and here are the results.

Note: More specific themes can be found here for Northwestern and Kellogg students.

Changelog and Usage Instructions

  • You will need to place the file beamerthemeEcon1.sty, along with any logo files, in the folder where your tex file is located.
  • Invoke the theme by using the command \usetheme{Econ1} in the preamble. Preferably, the last thing before the \begin{document} statement.
  • The tex file that generated the output above: Econ1.tex
  • The Theme is quite customizable. A logo can be added to the title page by adding the following line to the preamble before the theme is invoked


Where the extension can be pdf/eps/png/jpg etc...

  • The default color can be changed, by passing the structure argument as for the inbuilt beamer themes

  • The text in any of the boxes in the footer can be defined by issuing the commands:
\def\UpperLeftBoxText{Upper Left Box Text}
\def\UpperRightBoxText{Upper Right Box Text}
\def\ShadedLeftBoxText{Shaded Left Box Text}
\def\ShadedRightBoxText{Shaded Right Box Text}
  • The default behavior is to not list the institute(s) of the author(s) on the title page when a logo is specified and to list it (as is normally the case) when there is no logo added. However, sometime you may want to have both. The following command can be added to the preamble to force the institute name on the title page even in the presence of the logo.


This command does nothing when there is no logo present.

  • The title on the title slide can be encased in a box by issuing the command:


  • The second line after the frametitle can be rid of by adding to the preamble
  • Not specifying any of these parameters will cause the theme to assume default values. Here is an output with all the default values. 
  • Please note that all of these commands should be issued before you invoke the theme. Otherwise, they will simply not work.
  • The proof environment will not provide you with a standard block and "Proof.". Instead, it will simply say "Sketch of Proof." and skip to the next line. If you need the old proof environment, use "oldproof". If you need simply "Proof." instead of "Sketch of Proof.", with the simple style, use "fullproof".  The reason for this change is that I have never seen anyone in Economics present a full proof on a presentation, and the equations are often too unwieldy to look pretty in a block anyway.